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KH-Ref.RAM AL 96

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General Information High purity alumina based dry-vibrating mass
Temp. limit for application 1800°C
Grain size 0-5 mm
Bonding type Chemical-Ceramic
Working method Vibrating- Ramming
Amount of water addition
Chemical analysis Al2O 96-98 %
Materials required 2900 Kg/m3
Cold Crushing Strength After drying at 110°C Kg/cm2
  After firing at 1400°C 200-400 Kg/cm2
Storage limit In a dry place, 6 months.
Packing Packaged in 25 kg multi-wall bags.



The indicated values are standard values, i.e. values taken over a longer representative period of time according to either valid test standards or internal test methods. They may not be regarded as committed specifications and therefore not as guaranteed properties. We reserve the right to further technical developments and new editions of technical product information.




Revision no.1

Revision date: 2023/4/13

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