A step closer to metallurgy

Author: Engineer Mehrdad Mohseni Fard

Dedicated to

The soul of my kind father

Summary of the introduction of the book

In 1341, with the establishment of Mohseni Metal Smelting Company by Haj Hossein Mohseni Fard, a legacy in Iran’s casting industry began, which aimed to create a space for production and service in this industry. Despite many challenges, this company was able to expand in various fields, including raw material supply, trading, and the production of refractory products, with continuous efforts.

Haj Hossein Mohseni Fard, who had important roles in the foundry unions, together with his son, engineer Mehrdad Mohseni Fard, were able to create a reputation for the company. Engineer Mohseni Fard, with valuable experiences gained from his father and years of activity in this field, has written a book to share his knowledge and experiences with others in this industry, with the hope of improving knowledge and improving the casting industry in Iran. .