Khavaran refractory products

Mohseni Metal Smelting Company has started operating since the beginning of 1341 by taking advantage of the experience and expertise of skilled and committed people in the field of production and distribution of casting materials, and due to its good reputation and successful experience in more than 60 years of activity, since 1401 it was decided It has produced all kinds of refractory materials for casting, steel, cement, oil and gas industries.

In this regard, with the cooperation of industry experts and scholars and graduates of the field of materials, ceramics and metallurgy of prestigious universities of the country and in connection with universities, we started our activity in the field of production of various refractory materials, consulting (in design, estimation, installation and operation). has done.

It is hoped that with the help of the Almighty God, we will be able to obtain the satisfaction of customers and metallurgical industries in this field as well as foundry materials according to previous years.


Which industries consume Khavaran’s refractory products?

1) Ferrous metal industries (steel, cast iron and ferroalloys) 7) Power plants
2) non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, etc.) 8) Incineration furnaces
3) Cement, lime and plaster 9) Ceramic, brick and pottery industries
4) Oil, gas and petrochemicals 10) Steam ovens
5) Glass industry 11) Production of raw materials and refractory shaped products
6) Paper and wood industry 12) Sugar industries

Refractory products are one of the strategic and important materials that have been created thanks to the progress of industry and technology. These materials have high resistance to heat and high temperatures, and no physical or chemical changes occur in them even in the most difficult conditions. Refractory products, which are also known as refractory materials, are used in industries such as steel, glass making, petrochemical, ceramics, etc.

In addition to high technology and advanced devices, the production of refractory products requires knowledge, expertise and experience. The team of experts and engineers of Mohseni metal smelting complex has succeeded in making fireproof products after many researches in this field and with the help of local knowledge.

What is a refractory product?

As can be understood from the name of refractory or refractory materials, materials that have high resistance to heat are called refractory products. The most important feature of these materials is the lack of chemical reaction or physical change due to heat. Also, these materials are highly resistant to chemicals and decomposition. Structurally, refractory materials can be considered as non-metallic materials that are stable at high temperatures and have high resistance.

Refractory materials are used in various industries such as petrochemical, steel, cement, construction of melting furnaces, etc. These materials cover a wide spectrum in terms of quantity and quality, which have different physical and chemical characteristics. For this reason, before buying fireproof products, you should check their features and find the right option according to your expectations.

What are the types of refractory materials?

Refractory or refractory materials can be divided into different categories based on their characteristics and the materials used in them. These groups are:

1. Acidic substances

This category is made of raw materials that have acidic properties. Among the most important materials used in this category of refractory products, we can introduce silicon materials, low alumina materials and high alumina materials.

2. Alkaline or alkaline substances

This group is the opposite of the first group in terms of acidity. To make alkaline materials, they use materials that have the properties of play. The most important raw materials for making refractory products with alkaline properties are magnesite (Mg), chromite (Cr2O7), olivine mineral (2SiO4) and dolomite mineral (CaMg).

3. Special refractory materials

Another group that is considered for refractory products are special refractory materials. These materials are made by combining graphite, zircon, badlite, silicon and silicon carbide.

4. Fireproof insulating materials

The last category that exists for refractory products are materials that are mostly used as insulation and have greater resistance to heat.

What are the characteristics of refractory products?

Refractory materials and products known as refractories have unique properties. In the following, we are going to examine some of the most important features of these products.

  • Refractory products have high resistance to heat, for this reason they will be resistant to heat in production furnaces.
  • These materials are resistant to thermal or cold shocks and sudden heating and are not damaged.
  • They are also resistant to impact and wear.
  • Heat and cold can cause the contraction and expansion of these materials, for this reason it is quite normal to change the dimensions and volume of refractory products.
  • High resistance to corrosion and rusting is another feature of refractory products.
  • Insulation against heat is done well in these materials.
  • Fireproof products are also resistant to chemicals and do not react to them.
  • Refractory materials, if used in electric furnaces, should not have the ability to conduct and transmit electricity.
  • Another important feature that is considered in these materials is resistance to liquids and gases. In fact, refractory products must not have any pores.

Introducing our fireproof products

According to the explanations we have provided, you have definitely obtained enough information about what refractory products are. Due to the importance and wide applications of these materials in various industries and fields, their popularity is increasing day by day. In order to meet the needs of domestic industries for refractory products, Mohseni Metal Smelting Group decided to produce all kinds of refractory products.

Relying on its 60 years of experience and with the help of domestic engineers and specialists, this group has succeeded in producing the best Iranian refractory products. In order to provide better services in this field, the specialists of this collection perform all stages of design, final cost estimation, installation and operation for their customers. In this way, even people who have no knowledge or experience in the field of refractory products can use it in the fastest and cheapest possible way.

Final word

Refractory products are one of the latest technologies and products used in industries. This material has a very good resistance to heat and high temperatures and does not change physically and chemically. Considering the wide range of uses that these materials can have, Mohseni Metal Melting Group has started working with the production of various refractory products in order to meet the needs of domestic industries for these materials.

Currently, with the help of its engineers and specialists, this group provides refractory products with the highest global quality to its customers. Khavaran’s refractory products are designed based on local knowledge and skills of Iranian experts and have the potential to compete with the best global brands of refractory products. If you intend to buy refractory products, it is enough to contact this group through the following communication methods.

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